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Hey hey hey.

Tried to wait until you were clear with your week to follow up on our conversation. 

Can’t wait to work with you all – Love Pastor Spruill and I have some things in mind.

I've actually been in office for a bit, but spent the time restructuring and improving practices. There was quite a bit to clean up.  We’re at the point now where we have launched several new programs and the focus now is our Community Care Initiative. It’s our structured and manageable way of ‘giving back.’ Often times we are asked to randomly sponsor or contribute toward things and that, to be honest, becomes overwhelming (because you kinda don’t want to say no) but the reality is, we can’t do everything.

The Chamber is made up of big corporations along with a host of medium and small thriving businesses. Our goal, in short, is to help build businesses (large or small).  We provide workshops, training, and services as resources for business – everything from advocacy to website development; starting new businesses, certifying businesses for government contracts, etc.  I’m actually Chairman of the Board/President, directing this plan (and I can finally involve the churches!)

I would like to invite Allen to be a part of our Community Care Initiative, an outreached-based effort that will manage itself, as businesses give back.   Partnering with ministries will ensure that people receive the proper follow up and attention, after any immediate need is met.  I believe, the whole person should be established and while the Chamber’s contribution may be material, the church’s contribution meets the need of that which we cannot always see.  

Briefly, here are some things in the works.  You guys are welcome to partner on anything or everything! I’m totally open.  

  1. Women’s Month – Celebrating Courageous Women – a focus on women with/in extenuating circumstances.  Have a load of summer clothes donated by Macy’s and currently in connection with shelter agencies who will send/bring women in need.  Also have hairdressers/make up artists for quick makeover and a professional photographer on board to take pictures.  Thinking about inviting two other small ministries on board to assist as they may desire to reach the community as well.  Not sure about it, we can discuss.   I thought the date for this would be May 19th. But see if the 26th works – still women’s month.


  1. May 24th  Our Monthly BusinessBlend –This month, celebrating Women's Month -  It’s a networking event and businesses from all over come together to expand their brands. Great opportunity if you have businesses sitting in the church. The event is free. Spread the word and let me know who’s coming and I will make sure the entire room knows they’re there. Live music, great location on the Rooftop at Maggies (Fleetwood). We have a good time.


  1. Chamber for the Churches --- mentioned already – bringing services and resources to aid  pastors/churches in supporting the overlooked businessmen and businesswomen within their church.  In my experience, the church is severely underrepresented and my goal is to level that out – give them the services they need, and watch it manifest.  The vision is to have Chamber services offered in/through the church (actually come to the churches), because the people don’t leave the pew and come fulfill the prophesy…….. they go home and then come back to church.    This will add a component of preparation and development to ministries that will empower people beyond the routine and rhetoric … #pray J  The goal:  more businesses within the kingdom, business teaching based on biblical principals, etc.  


Everything else, we can talk about…. You know about the Authors’ expo in June……. It’s open to all – everything is kingdom-based, kingdom-centered, kingdom-driven hahaha smh

 Try to come out on May 24th . I’ll attach the flyer. The music is very live, if you want to give anyone a platform – the band knows and plays everything. We have an awesome time.  Ok, this dissertation is long enough.. Let me know about May 19th or the 26th for the Macy’s event.

Let me know what you think. Not much required from yall. Host the event, embrace it. Make it yours.  Community outreach is "not our thing" persay, starting/developing/marketing/ and building businesses is our thing... but I had to find a way to streamline our responsibility to sow back ... 

Oh, definite last thing - Just partnered with Memorial Sloan and Kettering (really big). They  want to lengthen their reach. (1) Have space for a woman from your church to be a part of raising awareness for cancer.  She would help direct our efforts and be one of the faces of the initiative as this impacts women worldwide.   Having a related event Sept 27th and developing some things leading up to that date.  The goal: raising awareness and extending care throughout the area.  (huge deal) - in my mind, you all are a part -- but you let me know.... ok, im going. 


My regards to Pastor Spruill. ... there are no gimmicks.. just love yall. 



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