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Exclusive Early Edition for NY & VA Family and Friends

(Includes September Book Signing in New York)  

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Book Signing Itinerary

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September 15







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Keisha L. Smith is a graduate of South Carolina State University with a Bachelor of Science  degree in Business Management. She received her Life Coach certification from Fowler  International Academy in 2016.

Keisha is a flourishing certified Life Coach supporting people who desire to build meaningful personal and professional relationships. Focusing on marriages and families, she believes that separation and broken families can be restored if tackled at its onset. Keisha’s coaching business that is expected to launch in 2018, will have the essential methods to guide you in achieving your goals. She will provide coaching to adults and adolescents in a personal or group setting and conduct seminar and workshops to local organizations. This book “8 Kee Principles Vital for Building Meaningful and Lasting Relationships” supplies you with some key factors in having successful relationships throughout your life.

Keisha is married to her “soul mate” and served with him in ministry for 6 years. They are the proud parents of 5 beautiful children. Keisha loves spending time with her family, and

empowering and uplifting others. She is honored to be in a career where she can collectively help individuals grow and transition from a place of uncertainty to one of purpose.

Keisha was blessed to have grown up in a Christian household which taught her great values and gave her great faith to know that “with God all things are possible”.

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