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Consistency is key! You need a design that your school, students, and parents will be proud to use on uniforms, PE kits, stationary, school signage, and even vehicle wraps.


Branding affects external perspectives. Just like businesses, nonprofits, museums and restaurants, schools are integral to community identities. What the school represents and strives for should be well understood by the people in these communities, as it's likely their children will be part of the school system. It's also crucial that the brand evokes positivity.


Internally, branding gives students, faculty and school leaders a sense of pride and camaraderie. This is incredibly important to a healthy learning environment. When students and teachers both feel they are important parts of a larger whole, the entire building becomes a more positive and encouraging place. This sense of ownership and responsibility carries throughout the community as well, teaching students to care about the roles they play inside and out of classrooms.

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