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Dr. Omar Fields

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While entrepreneur is defined as one who pursues or endeavors to accomplish, entrepreneurial describes the motivation and the spirit in which one pursues to accomplish. The entreprelogical is distinct in that it speaks to the intelligence and the study of; the view of the matter or the person and therein the pursuit. The word entreprelogical stems from the multilingual translation entrepre, meaning “entrepreneur,” and “logical” meaning "branch of philosophy that informs thinking; the science of distinction of true from false reasoning," "pertaining to speaking or reasoning" also "of or pertaining to speech"; and “al” related to, pertaining to."

            The terms "entrepre" and "logical" can be further understood from a linguistical perspective. "Entrepre" comes from French and literally means "to undertake." It refers to someone who initiates a business venture and assumes financial risk in the hope of profit ("Entrepreneur", n.d.). The root "entre" means between or among, while "prendre" means to take. So, an entrepreneur is someone who "undertakes" a business endeavor. "Logical" derives from the Greek word "logikos" meaning "of or pertaining to reason" ("Logical", n.d.). It describes something conforming to the rules of logic and able to be rationally explained or justified. A logical argument is one that is valid and sound because it follows deductive reasoning principles. The linguistical roots of these two terms provide insight into their original and ongoing meanings related to business, rationality and reasoning. Therefore, the entreprelogical perspective gives context to the subject from and through the entrepreneur’s entrepreneurial lens.


        The masterful research work recently introduced by Dr. Omar Fields is poised to transform the world of business with its groundbreaking contribution to the academy. In his recently published seminal paper, Dr. Fields lays the intellectual foundation for a paradigm-shifting theory that provides penetrating insights into the fundamental nature of value creation.

        With meticulous academic rigor and incisive analysis, Dr. Fields convincingly particularizes the logical nature of the lens through which we view or understand entrepreneurship, and the “entrepreneurial logic” of all related. This new business concept being introduced to the world of language through the academy illuminates how language shapes perception, giving form to the very way we conceive the thought of business ventures and commercial activities. By coining the word ‘entreprelogical’ as a novel term and embedding it within academic discourse, Dr. Fields has enacted a subtle but profound reshaping of the entrepreneurial landscape. The word itself encapsulates a set of assumptions and ideologies that will influence all who adopt it. As it gains currency in business schools and economics departments, it will propagate through theories, models, and frameworks. It will shape how students are taught to accurately express the study of entrepreneurship and business. Research will be filtered through the term's conceptual prism, bringing certain facets into focus. Over time, it will influence the values and mindsets held by the next generation of entrepreneurs and business leaders. Dr. Fields has demonstrated tremendous foresight in recognizing how linguistic innovation can transform how we regard a given domain. By introducing this new term into the academic lexicon, he has enacted a small but seminal shift in perspective that will ripple outwards through the business world. His work exemplifies how language and conception are inextricably entwined, and how strategic terminology can reframe how we perceive and engage with complex systems like entrepreneurship. It is a masterful demonstration of using words to reshape realities.

1   giving context to the subject from and/or through the entrepreneur’s entrepreneurial lens.
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