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Like a Sister: "My Sister Diva" (read)

Please let me extend my deepest condolences to you, the family. I love you all. My heart is heavy right now because my sister, Lois, is no longer here. I'll just hold on to the precious memories we had. Sometimes, that may not be enough, but that's all I have for right now. Although she was not my birth sister, she was like a sister to me. I am going to miss her phone calls, our shopping sprees,  her laughing, her strong positive uplifting spirit and personality. She was my "Sister Diva." She had a spark and  was able to wear the most appealing clothing to make her shine. Again, I love you all.

I know we  will see you again, Lois! So, for now, "see you later." I am not going to say, "goodbye." I have hope in the resurrection, mentioned in 1 John 5:28-29 - ... the promise of a resurrection hope is assured and we will be reunited with dead love ones again.

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