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From Your Sister, Estelle

Updated: May 2, 2020

From Your Sister, Estelle

Your sisters, and so many other sisters, admired you so much and words cannot express how much we all will miss you!!!!! You had a disability that did not stop you from always keeping yourself “put together.” One word comes to mind: Diva!

You were always socializing and giving people a helping hand.

There’s one thing I admired about you so much. It was the way you expressed what was in your heart fearlessly!!! Sometimes it may have hurt, but (because of our love) it never separated us!!! You expressed to me many times, the thought of your world without me. You described how it would be for you to lose me; the pain would be too hard for you to bear. You were just sharing what was in your heart.

The Father Heard You

Well Sis., God knew which one of us could bear the pain. Sis., I love you too much for you to ever have experienced this pain that I have after losing you. I do realize that one of us had to experience this great separation on earth. Sis., I promise you we will see each other again!!!

Thank you for all the sweet memories. You were a very dear, close, unselfish, loving sister - one that every sister should have. I could never put into words the kind of precious sister you were. Only thing I do know in my heart is, you were sent from above!!! We will always remember you as the best sister ever: a role model who was outspoken, fearless, intelligent, beautifully full of fashion, and always our best dressed. Unselfishly, you were the greatest helper, supporter, teacher, and counselor - full of so much fun!!!!

My dear, we can go on and on about how very outstanding, beautiful, and loving you were as a sister. Sis., your love is planted so deep in our hearts.

It will never die. I promise you this and it's so [so] personal, but I will see you again!!!!

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